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6tag online dating

You can even post a You Tube video of a song that was playing when you were hanging out. Opposite opinions is fuel for more interesting conversations with your crush.

[Read: The socially awkward person’s guide to flirting] How you can flirt online Ready to get your crush swooning over your sweet messages and subtle hints? #1 Take note of what your crush was wearing or doing, without being obvious about it.

A simple Google search can help you find out the latest news about your crush’s interests.

For instance, if they’re into a certain band, you can mention that they’ll be playing at a local venue this week.

You can go for a compliment like, “Hey, I really like your band shirt. ” You can also opt for the charmer’s route by saying, “I saw you down your coffee like it was water. ” These statements let your crush know that you were paying more attention to them than you initially let on.