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Aristoteles poetica online dating

He lived from 384 – 322 BC, and wrote as many as two hundred treatises, from which approximately thirty one are extant.

Two recent monographs present a series of case studies in the Greek tradition.

Hunter 2009 opens up new perspectives by drawing fascinating lines between various classical texts.

This article offers a basic orientation to the study of ancient literary criticism.

It lists general historical overviews, introductions to ancient criticism and related disciplines (rhetoric, philosophy, ancient scholarship, aesthetics), essential literature on the most influential critics and schools of criticism (including translations, commentaries, and studies), as well as important discussions of some general issues and concepts of ancient literary criticism.

On the other hand, philosophers made extensive use of poetic forms and developed theories of poetry: no critical text from Antiquity has been so influential as Aristotle’s Poetics.

Rhetoric is another ancient discipline that is closely connected with literary criticism.

Russell 2016 is a very succinct account of the history of criticism in three pages.

Fuhrmann 1992 concentrates on the criticism of poetry in three canonical authors, viz., Aristotle, Horace, and Longinus.

They also developed theories on the effective composition of prose texts, and they commented on the style of orators, historians, and philosophers.

All these different activities can be summarized in the notion of “ancient literary criticism.” Literary criticism was not a separate discipline in Antiquity.

Throughout Antiquity, Greeks and Romans interpreted, analyzed, and evaluated the texts of poets and prose writers.