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Die praposition dating

Each day is shown with its common two-letter abbreviation.

However, some date expressions that do not use prepositions (jeden Dienstag, letzten Mittwoch) are in the accusative case. The seasons are all masculine gender (except for das Frühjahr, another word for spring).

The months for each season above are, of course, for the northern hemisphere where Germany and the other German-speaking countries lie.

These self-grading German online exercises are great because they provide instant feedback, but keep in mind that they are run and graded by a non-thinking computer.

As a result, the grading or feedback may be a little “pickier” than a real-life teacher might be and leave less room for variation.

Sonnabend ("Sunday eve") is used in eastern Germany and roughly north of the city of Münster in northern Germany.

So, in Hamburg, Rostock, Leipzig or Berlin, it's Sonnabend; in Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich or Vienna "Saturday" is Samstag.

Let's start with the days of the week (Tage der Woche).