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Emy storey and sarah fobes dating site

"CUSAshouldhave sentout the memo as soon as the first few occurred, " he said.

"Until the legal definition of spouse has changed [Mu- tual of Omaha] won't change." The switch to Seabord Life also means CUSA will save money.

Mutual of Omaha would have increased CUSA's premium 25 per cent this year, while the increase with Seaboard will only be 10 per cent. 1, same-sex partners of students will be entitled to the same benefits as heterosexual common-law spouses, by declaring they have been living with their partners for at least one year.

But Mutual of Omaha, the company CUSA currently has a contract with for accident insurance, refused to provide coverage for same-sex couples, so CUSA will switch to Seaboard Life for coverage in the fall.

"The insurance industry is still very conservative and some people are just saying 'no'," said Patrizia Wand, CUSA special projects officer.

Utllit(esandpar Kinfl Inc leases, 44 Bay swale r at Somerset 725-2023. Adding same-sex insurance to the coverage will mean no significant differ- ence in cost for students, said Wand.

MAY 30 AT THE DOWNSTAIRS CLUB: ■Straight no chaser," live as they'll ever be. Rates go up every year because of prescription drug coverage, she said.

We don't get extra sets cut." Neill wouldn't disclose how many people have keys, but he said "we are very secure and very strict about who we issue out master keys too." Security and building management staff have copies of the master key, he said. There are some locations, such as the Unicentre Store and Mike's Place, which cannot be accessed by the master key.