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The ability of those people to infiltrate a religious community and pretend to agree with its ideals is a disturbing reality. Esoteric heresies are viruses which adapt all the time, looking for new carriers to spread the disease, to they did manage to infect some branches of the venerable orders.

Internal fights and the destruction of their dynasty forced Ismailis to scatter, mainly towards the north and eastwards, where they founded Shiite pseudo-Sufi orders and hid until the British invasion. These organisations played a major role in protecting the Path from corruption for a long time but the battle between truth and evil carried on.

They had already done so with previous communities, they only had to apply the same methods over again.

Those beliefs could roughly be described as Indo-European and Semitic [1] paganism, revamped by Hellenistic[2] philosophers.

They had a very evasive strategy which delayed our gathering of information.