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Printed versions often contain additions to the originals, and may even continue pedigrees into the 19th century.

The letters patent then become the property of the grantee.

Letters Patent granting arms and crest may also grant a badge and exemplify a standard.

The officer of arms who is acting for the petitioner will discuss with him or her the allusions and references he or she would like made in the design.

The form of the arms, once they are granted, will be governed not by the painting of the arms on the letters patent, but by the verbal description of them in the text, known as the blazon.

The College comprises thirteen officers (often called heralds):: Arms and crests are granted by letters patent.

The Crown delegates its authority to issue such letters patent to the Kings of Arms.

Assuming that this is forthcoming, the vellum which will become the letters patent is selected and the arms to be granted painted on to it by a College of Arms artist.