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Who is beverly johnson dating now

(Sadly, Johnson does not share Jagger’s response.) Her relationship with Mike Tyson was more satisfying.

Tyson “gushed” about how much of a fan he was of hers, telling her “how beautiful I was,” and asking her on a date.

The two spoke on the phone constantly, and just before his big fight — which, if he won, would have made him the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history — Johnson blurted out, surprising even herself, “If you win, I’ll give you some.” Tyson won, and showed up at Johnson’s door 19 hours later, an impressive feat considering that the fight was in Las Vegas and Johnson lived in New York. “Our first time together was nice, if not the most passionate of nights I’d experienced with a man,” she writes.

But underneath that glamour, Johnson battled demons outside and in, especially from the men in her life — including, one night, Bill Cosby.

The first words out of modeling agency pioneer Ford were: “Too fat.” Still, at just 18, and fresh out of Buffalo, Johnson was signed.

At a modeling competition in Italy that Ford sponsored, Johnson spent her per diem too quickly.

When she went to meet the ferry out of town, she found that Ford and her entourage left without her.

Given her privileged status as she rose through the modeling world, Johnson sometimes incurred the jealous wrath of other models — particularly the few black ones, who were all jockeying for limited exposure. Don’t you understand how crazy that makes us both look?